Born and raised in Italy, I am now working and living in the Netherlands. 

I have a fascination for the odd, weird and somehow eerie because it reminds me of the absurdity of the human condition. I honestly think that our condition is absurd because absurd is the tension between the lack of meaning of our existence and the search for meaning that characterizes the activity of our brain. We have created an infinity of tales, with the only objective of giving mankind a special place in the universe. But we are unsolved enigmas, and the world around us is a strange world. We fight to give sense to all that and this is the reason why we are encircled by tales and artworks. 

On the one hand, I strive to trap the viewer into my imaginary world and to confront him with a disturbing strangeness. On the other hand I feel that the trap works better if the depicted world is perceptibly credible. Hence the importance of the notion of space within my works. 

I often use collage as a technique, because it brings forward the dimension of tactility and texture within the work. I try to exploit a systematic association of antinomic forms as a way to capture and transmit a feeling of disturbance and disorientation. I am also gradually developing into a mixture of figurative and non-figurative elements, because a growing concern of my artistic practice is the way mark making contributes to depiction.